Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Salad dressing - for more than just salads

We all know that salad dressing is good on salads.  And just a browse down the salad dressing aisle in any store today will show you what nice variety of salad dressings there are.  But also on those shelves, there are specialized bottles and jars of dipping sauces and sandwich sauces.  I say, why buy those extra bottles of dipping and sandwich sauces, when your salad dressing will do the job fine.  Here are some examples of what else you can do with your salad dressings:

Sandwich sauce
Yes, salad dressing can make a great sandwich sauce.  My favorite is thousand island dressing on my hamburger.  It gives it that big mac taste.

Dipping sauce
I have grown to love salad dressings as dipping sauces.  There's such a wide variety of flavors out there to choose from.  And instead of tartar sauce for your fish, next time try your favorite creamy salad dressing.

Dip mix
The next time you are in a dip mood, take some plain yogurt or sour cream, and add some of your favorite creamy salad dressing to it.  And you have dip in your favorite salad dressing flavor.

Add to other salads
Now we all know about adding salad dressings to lettuce salads, but how about using it in tuna salad or pasta salad or a rice salad?  It would be a great way to add flavor to these other salads as well.  Just mix the mayo and dressing to add an extra zip to your other salads as well.

My favorite dressings:

  • thousand island dressing - I keep this for my burgers to give them that big mac flavor
  • Hidden Valley Bacon Ranch dressing - this makes a great dipping sauce for fries or fish fillets or chicken nuggets or etc.
  • Kraft Creamy Italian dressing - this also makes a great dipping sauce as well. 
Good eating,
-- jd --