I'm Jacqueline Driggers, and would like to welcome you to my blog.

It used to be just about recipes and cooking and food, and to the left is the old avatar for the page.

But this, to the left, is the new avatar for the page. I wanted to expand what I cover in my blog and wanted to include home tips and such, and reviews of various products.

Hope you enjoy what I share here. If you want to contact me, please just use the form, or visit my facebook page:
Recipes, home tips, and reviews

About me:
I'm not a fancy chef, but just a country girl, raised up on good home cooking. So my blog won't have some of the frills that others have, but the main focus will be good food and good home cooking and simple recipes; plus common sense tips and advice, and reviews of products I've used.

Thanks for stopping by.

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