Sunday, March 13, 2016

Check out Sunny's sweet and sour ribs

I love sweet and sour dishes, and this one sounds really yummy and simple too. I like adding the sliced ginger to the boiling water. I'll bet that adds tons of flavor. I also like the little pouch that she put her spices in. Would love to have some of those.

Just did a bit of research on the spice bags. The thing to shop for is refillable tea bags or spice bags or loose leaf tea bags. Anything for handling loose leaf tea would also work for your cooking spices as well. I've even seen some metal devices for loose tea that would work for cooking spices too. They're called tea balls.

In fact, here's a video that shows how you can make a very simple spice bag for your cooking spices.

Hope you enjoyed this post,
happy cooking. -- jd --