Saturday, July 13, 2013

A most awesome pizza!

My husband and I went shopping yesterday, which is a chore in and of itself, and brought home the fixings for a most awesome and budget friendly pizza.  Since my husband went on disability, we pinch our pennies very closely.  So now let me tell you about this awesome pizza.

JD's Awesome Pizza

1 Walmart brand 4 cheese pizza (this will be your base)
1/4 pound of Hormel Virginia ham from the deli, sliced on 2
Oscar Mayer real bacon pieces (important that you get the real bacon and not those crunchy bacon bits)
1 small can of Walmart brand sliced mushrooms, very well drained
Shredded cheese (I prefer the 4 or 5 Italian cheese blend)

Cover your favorite pizza pan with non-stick foil (Reynolds Wrap makes it), and preheat your oven.  My package said 400 degrees, and that's the temp I used.  Put the frozen pizza on the pizza pan.  Take a paper plate and put a white paper towel on it, and lay your ham on it.  Microwave the ham for about 45 seconds.  This is to help remove the excess water, and prevent a soggy pizza.  Tear ham in pieces and put on pizza, next add the bacon pieces to suit.  Next you will add the mushrooms, but make sure you have thoroughly drained them.  What I did was leave the lid in the can after I opened it, and used that as a press to squeeze the excess water out.  Put mushrooms on pizza.  Then cover pizza with cheese to suit yourself.  I like to add a nice enough layer so nothing much shows through.  I baked mine at the package prescribed temperature of 400 degrees for 24 minutes.

It was wonderful!  The crust was golden brown around the edges, and nice and melted in the middle.  I slid it off the pizza pan and onto the pizza box, which had been opened and folded inside out, to provide a cutting place.  The crust was so nice and crisp and fluffy.  It made the most wonderful, crisp, crackling sound when I cut it.  And it tasted amazing!  The deli ham made a huge difference.  And microwaving the ham and squeezing the mushrooms eliminated the excess water and prevented that soggy crust syndrome I had often had when fixing a pizza this way.

Hope you enjoy trying this.  It is a very budget friendly way to fix a delicious pizza at home, and it can be customized to suit any taste.