Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cooking hot dogs and sausages

Friends, I have just discovered today the absolutely best way to cook your hot dogs and link type sausages in the oven.  For the longest while, a digestive problem I have wouldn't let me eat hot dogs and the like.  But lately I have been doing better, so I decided to try some hot dogs.  I got some of the Ball Park brand hot dogs that come individually wrapped, and threw the package up in the freezer.

Well today I decided to cook a couple for my husband and me.  So here is what I decided to do:

I unwrapped the two hot dogs.  Then I took a piece of aluminum foil and laid the two hot dogs on one half of it, then folded the other half over; and folded the edges over, and sort of made a packet out of it.  Then I put it in my preheated toaster oven and baked them for about 20 minutes.  This worked really well.

It worked so well, that just a few minutes later my husband baked some hot dog type sausages he had that way too.  He baked those for 30 minutes.  And they turned out really good too!

I used just a simple little toaster oven set to 350 degrees.  Below is a simple illustration to help you understand about making the foil packet.  The foil packet works great in that it keeps all the juices inside.  So you end up with really juicy, tasty hot dogs or sausages.

Packet folding illustration

Happy cooking and delightful eating!


Jacqueline Driggers
the cook behind it all

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