Saturday, September 10, 2011

A new blog feature - J's preferred picks

Welcome to the info about a new blog feature you will be seeing.  I call it --

J's preferred picks

As I buy different food and cooking related products, when I find a product I really like, that I think is really good - I like to share with you about it and let you know about it. Well now, just today, I have come up with a new way to do that.  I will do it thru blog posts that I will call 'Js preferred picks'.  And being one of Js preferred picks will be a high honor for the product chosen.  I am picky about my food, and like good quality products for a good price that taste good.

So enough of that.  You get the idea!  Now on to our first J's preferred pick:

Oscar Mayer Angus Selects hot dogs

For the longest while, my IBS wouldn't let me eat hot dogs, which I dearly love.  But recently it has gotten better, and I am once again able to eat hot dogs again.  We discovered a great way to cook them in our toaster oven:

So then I started trying different hot dogs to find out which ones I liked the best.  I tried the Hebrew National brand, which are good hot dogs.  But then I got a coupon online for these Oscar Mayer hot dogs, so I tried them.  They are now our favorite hot dogs.

Now the Hebrew National are great hot dogs too, my second favorite.  But these get the first spot.  They taste great cooked the way I talk about in my blog post.  Good taste, really satisfying and filling, and juicy too.  Great flavor.  Highly recommend these!

So there you have it!  My first J's preferred pick.  Keep a lookout for more to come.

Happy cooking and delightful eating from
-- Jacqueline D. --
the cook behind it all

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